What You Need to Know About Highlighting Hair

A great way to transform an overall look is to get highlights in the hair. Nothing screams a makeover like lightening strands of hair to create contrast and enhance facial features. But, highlights can add dimension to your hair and give the desired effect only when done correctly. Any experienced hair stylist will know that things can, and do go wrong in the process. This article looks at why E-Meche is fast becoming the most exciting hair highlighting technique.

Highlighting hair means making some hair strands lighter than the original hair colour or base colour, as opposed to lowlights, where a colour is darker than the original hair colour and is used to give depth to the hair.

There are a variety of hair highlights and techniques to choose from.  The effect created depends on the hair colour or combination of colours used, and the application technique. The balayage technique, for example, involves free hand stroking of the highlighting colour across the hair to give a natural effect.

Foil highlights is a common technique that is used to achieve a number of styles, such as chunky highlights and textured highlights, using strips of aluminium foil. An even better and more effective alternative to aluminium foil highlights is meche highlights. Let’s take a look at meche in more detail.

Meche Highlights

Applying highlights using meche involves using non-latex plastic packets that stick to the hair, in place of foil. With foil highlights, the strands of hair are woven and painted with a lightning agent, then wrapped in foil. When using meche, the procedure is essentially the same, but with more versatility. Using E-Meche is a quick and easy way to get your highlights done.

E-Meche vs Foils

When highlighting your hair, two things determine the lightness level of your highlights; the strength of the lightener, and how long it is left on the hair. This is critical to achieving the desired effect. For example, when going for a natural look, the highlights must not be more than two to three shades lighter than the base colour. You have to make sure that the highlighting process is checked closely.

Unlike foil highlights, when using e-meche highlights the hairdresser can easily check the hair to see how the colour is developing without opening the packet. This means that you can always get your desired effect when you highlight hair. With foil, you risk leaving the colour on for longer than required because you cannot see how the highlights develop without opening them up. There is constant unease through the process. Easy meche eliminates the biggest problems with foil.

The size of the highlights and where they are placed are important to achieving the effect that you want. A half head means that the highlights are placed only on the top layer of your head. With a full head, it is applied all over the head. In the same way, if the highlights are placed close together, you are likely to get an overall lighter look with less contrast. E-Meche makes is easier to deploy the highlights and gives more control throughout the process. It makes the highlighting job a joy.

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