How Do Hairdressers Highlight Hair?

Highlights are one of the most popular hair styling choices with the easi meche technique. It involves more than the red-carpet blonde or the ‘white streaks’ look, as most people are quick to assume.

A good hairdresser can get really creative with hair highlighting options to complement or highlight natural colour tones or best beauty features. Some people might want to attempt a DIY, but a pro hairdresser will give the best results.

What Makes Colour Highlights Fabulous with the Easi Meche Pack

  • It makes hair soft and lighter.
  • Only a section of hair is treated with the colour meche product, so re-growth is less obvious.
  • Highlights become a permanent feature that defines your hairstyles.
  • If you’re not going overboard with your colour highlighting technique, you can let sections of hair grow easily, and opt for it later.
  • The easi meche product is probably the most convenient, easy, precise and fastest colour highlighting technique available today.
  • The easi meche transparent hair packets can be applied on any section of the hair, giving you a see-through advantage to check and monitor hair as the colour highlights develop. (No more opening foils)
  • Colour highlighting with easi meche allows you to apply any brand colour of your choice.
  • Colour highlights are a great way to add charm and interest to hair, complement and enhance beauty features, and effect a change to hair look with minimal work. Offering clients a cutting edge highlighting service will increase clientele.

Step-By-Step Guide to the Perfect Highlight with Easi Meche

  • Choose the right colour application kit. Any of the long, short or combo easi meche packs offers the best, easy, most comfortable and most precise results for hair highlighting. Whether you want subtle highlights, lowlights, dramatic highlights, or moderate highlights, the easy meche kit is your friendly companion.
  • Decide and pick the right colour. It is advisable to stay within your natural hair colour.
  • Go slowly. Avoid dramatic. The less highlights, the better.
  • Work the highlights from the front to the back. This gives it a more even tone as the sun kisses the hair closest to your face.
  • Follow the manual on the pack. Don’t get too smart. Follow the instructions that come with the kit religiously to get the best results – from applying the easi meche packets, to pinning the hair sections and conditioning.
  • Apply the right shampoo. Preferably, use a shampoo designed for colour-treated hair. It is formulated to fight fading.
  • Avoid sun rays. Use recommended sun screen. The UV rays of the sun can quickly fade the highlights in your hair colour. Therefore, it is advisable to use the right sunscreen for your hair.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can get creative with a few great options using your easi meche colour highlighting application for full highlighting, half highlighting or a crown and parting highlighting.

The more colour highlights you apply on the hair, the longer it takes, but the process is around 20% faster on average than using foils. Professionals love getting superior results in less time. It just makes sense.

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