How to Achieve Fabulous Meche Colour Highlights

How to Achieve Fabulous Meche Colour Highlights

Colour highlights get clients excited and are a favourite red carpet look. Using E-Meche colour highlight packs and techniques guarantee the best natural results that enhances and complements the skin and hair tones. The E-Meche highlighting kit is the modern way to natural colour and offers some unique advantages. With the E-Meche pack, the hairdresser is able to offer their clients a more precise and creative colouring process, with no chance of bleeding or irritation during application.

The flexible water-soluble strips are made to help you easily isolate the right amount of hair for highlighting. This is pinned in place as the colour processing works its effects.  The non-latex E-Meche plastic packets are transparent, allowing hairdressers to easily check and control how the colour develops and accentuates in relation to the rest of the hair.

Unlike the foil, E-Meche packets firmly and safely stick the transparent E-Meche product to the base of the hair and avoid slippage or bleeding of the highlighting colour tone. It takes an incredible amount of skill, attention, some stress and client discomfort to achieve with foil the results you can get as standard with easy meche. It is the smart hairdresser’s choice.

Creative Highlighting Techniques With E-Meche

Depending on the look the client wants to achieve with the E-Meche colour highlight, they can explore a few creative options, like full highlighting, highlight colour cut, half highlighting or a crown and parting highlighting.

Below are examples with short descriptions of two creative options with the E-Meche colour strips; the simple highlight, and the highlight colour cut.

  • Simple Highlights 

This E-Meche creates a lighter, brighter look. Colour contrasts are best when using 3 to 4 colour shades a few hues away from the base colour. This is one of the most popular choices on offer in salons. It can be quick and is a great option to offer clients on an extended lunch break.

  • Highlight colour cut

With your E-Meche colour highlighting kit, you may choose to offer a highlight colour cut and blow-dry.  This technique uses a partial highlight application with the right colour meche strips, emphasized by a base application, and finished by a shampoo, hair trim and blow-dry style.

This style is ideal when the client desires lighter and brighter tones to cover grey hair. It is also great for a lowlight effect, which is actually a darker tone of a highlight. This is more of a pamper package, to get clients feeling really great about themselves.

Meche Highlights vs. Foil Highlights

What makes E-Meche colour highlights the most modern, convenient and precise highlighting option in the market at the moment?

  • Compared to foils, E-Meche colour highlighting packs allows for easy isolation of hair to be highlighted with the preferred colour tones.
  • E-Meche kits enable even and chromatic colour processing that is far superior in precision and final glow effect.
  • The transparent packet of the E-Meche strips allows the hairdresser to easily check how the colour develops.
  • E-Meche provides a flexible, practical, and easy tool to achieve a natural-looking result.
  • The chromatic effect gives a blended and smoother feel along the hair length and reduces the re-growth effect.

Offering your clients the easy meche experience will get more coming back again and again. It is more convenient, more comfortable and more effective than just about any other technique out there today.

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