Get Trendy With E-Meche Highlights!

The world of fashion has been rocked again as more people are discovering E-Meche, an alternative method to foil for colouring hair. It’s been around for a while, and is fast becoming one of the best methods used in hair colouring to get easier, better, faster results. The meche plastic packets are non-latex and made with a small water-soluble adhesive strip that sticks to your hair in order to hold the meche in place during the hair colouring process.

Pain-free Highlighting Process!

The popular saying; “beauty is pain,” doesn’t apply in this case because, with E-Meche, getting your hair coloured is pain-free and provides a comfortable experience! The process helps the hairdresser apply the colour quickly to achieve an even colouring result. The process of getting the meche strips out is also simple. Due to its water-soluble nature, the meche strips come out simply by applying water at the backwash unit, causing the strips to fall off without discomfort.

Hair Colour That Doesn’t Bleed Through!

One of the common pitfalls to colouring hair is the ‘colour bleed’. The colour comes off on everything. Your clothes, hands, face, pillow, etcetera, get stained. E-Meche is designed to prevent the possibility of bleeding hair colours or colours merging into one another during the dyeing process.

No Scalp Irritation!

Quite a number of people have sensitive scalps that may be due to skin irritations. The adhesive nature of the colour strips prevents the colour fumes from reaching the scalp so that it doesn’t cause negative reactions. You can get beautifully coloured hair without having to go through an unnecessarily painful process.

Save Time With Faster Results!

You no longer have to spend too much time at the salon! The e-meche has been proven to colour hair at least 20% faster than the foil method. This way, you get beautifully highlighted hair in less time than usual. The process saves you time and energy that allows you to attend to several clients.

Monitor the Process With Ease!

The E-Meche comes in clear plastic strips that allow both the hairdresser and client to monitor the progress as hair colours develop. This way, you don’t have to remove the packets to check since they are clearly visible, and you get more accurate results.

No Heat Loss!

Using the E-Meche process, no heat is lost and this ensures that you have vibrant, healthy hair after the colouring process.

Compatible with All Colour Brands!

The E-Meche package works with all colour brands, so you don’t need to worry about being selective because it gives you great results each time.

How to Use E-Meche?

There are various resources to learn about using the e-meche to its full capacity and these can be accessed online or in stores.

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