How to Apply E-Meche Highlights

E-Meche highlights are an easy, effective and convenient way to apply the right colour highlights to hair, giving it the perfect hues and delighting clients.

E-Meche is the ideal hair colouring alternative to foil. It is faster, more precise and the application is easy to check and control. It comes in a non-latex see-through plastic foil along with adhesive tapes that are easily dissolved in water. The light, flexible adhesive strips are used to hold the hair in place as the colour processing takes effect.

Hair meche highlights are the modern, effective time and money-saving option for hairdressers to get fabulous results that keep clients coming back.

Step-by-Step Easy Meche Colour Highlighting Technique

To apply the perfect base colour highlights to the hair with the E-Meche technique, strands of hair are selectively woven and sealed in easy meche packs after the product is applied down to the roots.

The E-Meche hair plastic seals are transparent, thus allowing the hairdresser to check the colour as it develops during the highlighting process to control the application for better precision, tint and overall best results.

The transparent foils are stripped to the base of the hair with water-soluble glue tapes.

The client’s hair receives the right colour tones, highlights and lowlights that complement and accentuate their natural hair beauty, with no bleed or irritation to the scalp.

Next, the hairdresser washes over the transparent foil packets at the backwash unit, and they easily come off, as the adhesive strips are flexible and water-soluble. It leaves no mess, no bleeds and no irritation.

E-Meche highlights are also a great technique for clients with scalp problems, as the glue tape prevents the colour fumes from bleeding to the scalp, which could cause irritation.

What you get in the end is fabulous, bouncy and shiny natural looking hair that gives instant confidence and draws a smile. The result is perfect colour highlighting that is superior to the average achieved with any other method.

Buy E-Meche highlight packs today and watch the E-Meche video on our YouTube channel for a more detailed practical step-by-step guide.

Full Head or Sectional E-Meche Highlights?

The E-Meche highlights can be applied full head, three quarter head, used on a T-section or as sectional highlights, depending on personal preferences or beauty expert recommendations.

It is usually advised that clients go for the full head base colour highlighting on your first visit to the hair salon. For subsequent visits to the salon, sectional highlighting can be applied to top up the initial full hair highlighting or lowlighting.

Various sectional E-Meche highlighting techniques can be applied or explored, including dipping, tipping, slicing, block, and shoe shining.

The E-Meche colour highlight packs allow the hairdresser to isolate areas of treated hair, and simultaneously work with multiple colours or techniques. Various coloured foils are available to make the process distinct and easy.

E-Meche vs. Foils

E-Meche offers a more convenient way to apply base colour highlighting to the hair. Compared to the foil, E-Meche gives both the hairdresser and the client a more convenient and confident way of achieving fabulous results.

  • Unlike foils, the colours do not bleed, making the base colour application more precise and charming with E-Meche.
  • The plastic foils are transparent, allowing the hairdresser to see how the colour develops. This leads to a seamless monitoring process for best results.
  • The flexible, water-soluble strips hold the hair in place while the colour processing takes place, and it is easily washed off with no mess or concerns.
  • The water-dissolvable glue tapes also prevent bleeding of the colour fumes, ensuring that those who have scalp problems do not suffer any irritation.
  • E-Meche is fast, convenient and easy to use. Therefore, it saves valuable time and costs.
  • The results are also always superior and pleasing to the client.


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