Meche: A Better Alternative to Foils

Your clients’ hair is important to them. That is why they pay for your services Healthy, vibrant, natural looking hair makes them feel confident, it enhances their self-esteem, and is part of their identity.

Beautifully styled hair makes them feel like they have wings to fly. It makes them proud to go out on a sunny day with your hair flowing down. It’s your job to transform not just their hair, but their identity.

One of the amazing things your clients can do with their hair is to change the colour. It’s an exciting decision.

They can choose to make their hair colour bolder (highlighting), or lighter (lowlighting), or change the colour entirely. They may want a full head, half head, three quarter head or a T section depending on whether they wear their hair up or down. They may decide to go blonde, brunette, or red depending on skin tone, or what is fashionable at the time.

On their last visit to the salon, their hairstylist probably used the same old aluminium foils for the process. They were probably not comfortable, and were perhaps a little stressed, taking the edge off the excitement.

Welcome to Meche

Meche hair highlights are an innovative way to get the desired hair colour effects. It is an essential option for top class hairstylists. Many of the best salons and hairdressers prefer to use meche hair products because of the superior outcomes, more comfortable experience, and increased control.

Apart from the simple fact that meche hair highlights are not heavy, meche strips are also adhesive, and will firmly stay in place without the possibility of slipping.

Meche strips are also easy to remove and attach to the root of your hair, thereby giving every hair strand a complete makeover.

With meche, you get closer to the scalp than using foils. Meche is also flexible, and since each meche is individually applied to your hair, you can choose the tone and vary the colour intensity to bring out the best in your clients’ hair.

As a hairstylist, using meche instead of traditional foil processes for hair colouring reduces your stress and the time it takes to complete your work. It is an easy and quick way to get the job done with minimal hassle.

Better Monitoring, Superior Results

With meche hair highlights, you can easily monitor the progress of your work through the transparent plastic packets to see how well the hair meche strips are working, without removing any foils.  Additionally, meche hair highlights does not cause irritation and is ideal for clients who have scalp sensitivity or problems.

The meche adhesive is a water-soluble biodegradable compound, which means it can dissolve in water. Once colouring has been achieved, meche can easily be washed off with water, and the packets are removed without causing pain to the client.

Choose meche today and transform your clients’ hair. Once you switch you will never go back to foils.

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