Is E-Meche a Foil Colouring Application?

For a long time, foil-based hair colouring application dominated the hair colour and highlighting market. Hairdressers used it to give their clients vibrant hair highlights and tones.

However, foil application can be inconvenient, from the heavy weight of the aluminium foil to well-documented problems with slippage. In most cases, it is difficult to apply colour directly through to the hair roots or to use direct dye.

A faster, more convenient way to apply highlights or tone to your client’s hair is by using E-Meche.

E-Meche is a novel hair colouring application used by modern professional stylists to give their clients a natural-looking hair colour.

E-Meche Hair Colour Application

The E-Meche package is a collection of non-latex plastic packets containing a water-soluble adhesive strip. This strip sticks to the hair and holds the meche in place. E-Meche makes hair colouring a hassle-free process for the hairdresser and guarantees satisfied customers.

The E-Meche Colouring Process

Many hairdressers struggle with foil because of slippage that causes bleeding of the lightener or colour. E-Meche provides a better option. The adhesive strip of the meche allows the product to stick, therefore making slippage and bleeding impossible.

To ensure that your client’s hair isn’t reacting with direct dyes or peroxides, people who use foils occasionally open up to check the status. However, with E-Meche, the transparent plastic cover enables easy monitoring.

E-Meche can easily be removed after colouration by applying sufficient water to dissolve its water-soluble end. The packets then come off as seamlessly as they went on. The results are guaranteed to increase repeat customer business.

E-Meche Strips vs Foil Hair Colouring

  • E-Meche doesn’t make as much noise as foil. This is more convenient for the client, and provides a comfortable experience for hair colouration and highlights.
  • E-Meche strips are comfortably light, as opposed to aluminium foil.
  • E-Meche is quicker to use than the foil by at least 20%.
  • While aluminium foils increase ammonia during processing, E-Meche strips remove it instantly.
  • E-Meche highlights give you control over your creative process by allowing you to monitor the hair colour changes and visualise the possible tone patterns.
  • Many foil strips stain when they react with direct dye, but E-Meche products are compatible with dye products and don’t stain.

Emeche UK, makers of E-Meche products, have been manufacturing meche highlights for 25 years. To get the authentic meche packages, you can order directly from our contact page.

Learn to Use E-Meche

If you are unfamiliar with meche hair highlights and other related products, visit the contact page of Emeche UK for real product demos and training. There are also downloadable step by step guides for DIY learning.

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