Meche is an alternative system for colouring hair to foil. The plastic packets are non-latex and are made with a small water-soluble adhesive strip that sticks to the hair to hold the meche in place. The emeche system is quick and very easy to use for the hairdresser. Rapid application means that the hairdresser saves time during colour application and the hair can easily be checked during the colouring process through the clear plastic front sheet. When ready, emeche is removed by applying water at the backwash unit and the water-soluble adhesive allows the packets to simply fall away causing no discomfort to the client.

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Through the emeche Channel you will see how easy meche is to use. It can also be applied to clients who have scalp problems as the adhesive strip means the colour fumes do not reach the scalp which could cause further irritation.


The hair colour results are amazing and any colour manufacturer’s products can be used. emeche gives confidence to the hairdresser and the ease of use makes meche the ideal system for your salon giving perfect results for hair colouring.

emeche is manufactured in the UK and is brought to you by the original inventors of meche which we have been manufacturing for the past 25 years.