What is a Meche in Hairdressing?

What is a Meche in Hairdressing?

As a hair stylist, you are always seeking simpler alternatives to give your clients the ideal hair colouring results. Instead of relying on aluminium foils that make it difficult to monitor hair colour application, the meche is a more convenient alternative.

How Does a Meche Colouring Process Work?

A meche is simply a more innovative solution to hair colouring that doesn’t require foils. It is made of non-latex plastic packets with a water-soluble adhesive strip that sticks to the hair and keeps the meche in postion. Through the meche, you can work the strands of the hair and highlight not just a few lines, but the whole front and back of the hair.

You can get a head full of highlights, from the hair roots, an advantage of the meche that cannot be obtained with foil highlights.

Hair Colouring Process with Meche Strips

Meche hair colouring is faster and more convenient than traditional aluminium foil highlights. It is also easier. The rapid application process enables you to save more time during colouring and you can easily monitor progress through the transparent plastic front sheet.

The meche strips are removed by washing with water because of their water-soluble properties. The adhesive allows the packets to come off easily without discomfort to the client.

Emeche, Original Makers of E-Meche Colour Strips

E-Meche technology was developed by emeche about 25 years ago, with the aim of eliminating the inconvenience experienced with aluminium foils. Also, it has been developed for modern use.

The hair colour results are visibly more natural and accepted than foil highlights. It also brings a more cost-effective solution to hair colouring. Normally, you would have to open aluminium foils occasionally to check for hair reactions with colour/peroxides, but the transparent E-Meche makes this unnecessary.

Benefits of the Meche Hair Highlights: E-Meche Vs Foils

Modern stylists prefer E-Meche because it eliminates undue inconvenience and is easier to apply. The wider tape of emeche prevents slipping and seepage, making it easier to apply hair colouring directly to the root area. It also allows for enhanced colour precision. Other reasons E-Meche is preferred over foils include:

  • The transparent plastic sheet shows the new colour of the hair as it develops without having to open the packet.
  • Slippages experienced with foils cause the lightener to bleed or colour. However, it’s different with the meche because the adhesive edges allow the packets to stick, which prevents bleeding.
  • The E-Meche strips are 20% faster than traditional foils.
  • Hair meche is water-soluble and comes off when rinsed with water, causing no discomfort to the client.
  • Unlike aluminium foils that tend to be noisy and scrunchy, the meche is quiet.

Is Hair Meche Expensive?

Contrary to what many people think, for a product as simplified as the meche, it is actually affordable and can be obtained from online stores. There are numerous training videos online to help hairdressers and stylists get familiar with meche hair colouring application.

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