How to Use E-Meche

The Smart Guide to Using E-Meche and Why It’s the Preferred Alternative to Foil

E-Meche, the alternative to aluminium foil, is beginning to dominate the shelves of hairdressers in the UK. The driving force behind the product success has been the excellent results hairdressers say they achieve with it. Moreover, clients are more comfortable with the process of transforming their hair with E-Meche colouring aid. It is a far more professional way to work than most of the alternatives, and most certainly than foil.

A good knowledge of how to use this product will nearly always provide efficient performance. Let’s take a look at the basic process.

How to Use E-Meche Colouring Aid

Learning how to effectively use E-Meche packets on clients is fast. You can get the process in no more than 12 minutes of reading the website of the original makers of meche. In all, there were 12 steps to follow:

  • Firstly, section the client’s hair into half.
  • Secondly, further divide the halves into quarters and clip each segment firmly.
  • Then, weave 1 cm section of hair until you are satisfied with the thickness.
  • When weaving is completed, depending on whether you are doing a full head or half head colouring, place each woven segment on the e-meche packet.
  • After that, apply peroxide on hair segments from the roots to tips. However, this depends on whether you’re doing a lift or not. For meche high lift highlights, apply peroxide or lighteners 3 mm away from the root.
  • For each section you have treated, fold e-meche packets up to stick together. Each packet comes with a small adhesive strip so that the stickiness is firm.
  • Continue the application of tint until you cover all the woven segments.
  • For highlights with bleach, apply it 3 – 4 mm away from the roots to prevent blotches and tiger stripes.
  • When you’re satisfied with the results of shade, head to the backwash.
  • Wash out e-meche packets with water. Washing out e-meche packets is easy because the adhesive strips that hold tufts of hair firmly are soluble.
  • Finally, dry hair and set to desired style.

You will be amazed at the results. The accuracy of the process leans on the control you have during colour development, since you can see through the plastic from which e-meche is made. There is no colour bleed, drag or slippage. There is no more need for opening up foils to see what is going on. These contribute to the excellent performance stylist continue to get using e-meche sheets in their salons. Stylists also say they get going faster with meche techniques than they did with foil, because the process is so much more professional and cutting edge.

E-meche is a versatile alternative to foil and comes with many advantages. It’s easy to use, gentle on client’s hair, and the process is 20% faster than foil.

Perhaps you too use e-meche colouring packets. Do you record this high performance every time?

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