The A – Z of Meche Colouring Techniques

Sometimes, hairdressers are sceptical when it comes to changing hair products. It’s natural to be cautious. After all, there is a reputation to be preserved, and introducing a bad product or service can have dire consequences for any business.

So, when it came to replacing aluminium foil with meche packets for colouring hair, there are always several questions. Most of the frequent ones are associated with the colouring techniques of meche.

Basically, meche is a versatile, professional alternative to foils, so it makes the process of colouring more exciting for the stylist. With meche colouring packets, it’s easy to achieve variations of hues, from a sweeping full headed blonde to sun-kissed hair tips, melding back to an ombre at the roots. Let’s  learn the different techniques of colouring with meche.

Full Head/Tint & Colour

This is the type of colour you get when you ask for a complete hair update. The colouring is easy and should take no more than an hour according to City and Guilds Standard. The first step is partitioning the hair into eight sections, and weaving to the desired thickness. Thereafter, each woven segment is placed on meche packets, and tint is applied from the scalp to the tips. Finally, you have your full hair makeover. You can go completely blonde, brunette, or choose a daring red- whatever tone works for you with meche full head.

Meche Highlights

When you need to wear strands that are tinted or bleached with your natural colour or any dark shade, meche highlights is the way to go. The application is as quick as a full head. For starters, hairdressers follow the same process of partitioning and weaving hair, but instead of applying tone on every partition, some segments will be bleached. Highlights are usually carried out on the hairline or parting, and the result is sometimes a rainbow shade, especially when different tints are used.

Meche Lowlights

Perhaps, your highlights have formed a solid shade overtime, and you need to break them up, or you simply want to go darker on the parting and/or around your neck with your lighter natural hair. The process is pretty much the same as highlights, and you should get excellent result when done well.

Half Head Colouring

For a half head colouring, tint is applied to only the top half segment of the hair- no more, no less. It’s a beautiful choice if you wear your hair down.

T-bar Colouring

This colouring technique is used for the front section of hair around your temple and parting. It gives the coloured area a standout shade from hair around the sides of your head and back.

With meche, it’s easy to experiment with different colours and hairstyles, turning out beautiful results every time. As clients become more aware of different methods and hairdressing best practice, hairdresser offerings need to be more reflective of these new ways of doing things, and meche is one that is fast becoming an industry mainstream.

If you have other techniques you’re already using in your salon, We’d love to hear about them.

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