What is the Difference Between Foil and Meche?

Hairdressers’ Opinions on the Difference between Foils and Meche

It’s important to know the difference between foil and meche. As a hairdresser and salon owner, this will ensure that you help clients make informed decisions when selecting a particular method for colouring hair. It is important that we define and understand the difference between foil and meche.

Foil is a colouring aid made from aluminium. It is used by hairdressers to hold segments of hair in place while applying dye or bleach on their client’s hair. Aluminium foil sheets may be used for full head colouring, a streaked pattern of highlights or lowlights.

Meche packets are used in the same way as foil, but are made from non-latex plastic and soluble adhesive strips. Apart from the use of different materials to make both products, there are several ways in which foil and meche differ. Let’s look at the characteristics of each from the reviews of professional hairdressers and salons across the country.

Characteristics of Foil

  • The manufacturer’s choice of material for foil is aluminium.
  • Hairdressers agree that foil is cheap to buy.
  • Foil packets do not come pre-cut, so hairdressers have to cut them into pieces suitable to the client’s hair size and colouring needs – full head colouring or short head colouring.
  • Aluminium foil is easy to use with different brand colours, but hairstylists say foil can lead to colour bleed.
  • Foils are non-transparent, so hairstylists say they always have to open them up to see how the colour is developing.
  • Aluminum foil is removed from a client’s hair by unfolding and tugging lightly. When this process isn’t done with care, it can cause pain for the client. Experts say that it is not a very professional process.

Characteristics of Meche

  • Meche is made from plastic.
  • Hairdressers say that meche is more expensive when compared to foil, but save time and are overall more cost effective.
  • Meche packets come in pre-cut sizes so that salons can get on quickly into weaving and applying colours.
  • Meche sheets can be used with different brand colours and lighteners, and they do not cause colour bleed or irritation to the scalp.
  • Since meche packets are made of plastic, hairdressers say this gives them control over how a client’s hair is reacting with peroxide.
  • With meche, heading to the backwash isn’t painful for customers since the soluble adhesive pulls out when it comes in contact with water.

The positives for meche far exceed those for foil. Many salons even say that using meche packets in their businesses enables new employees to quickly become experts in the hair colouring process. The meche has a cost and time advantage over foil overall. Salons are also quick to notice the control and confidence they develop when they use meche products.

This is just a glimpse of hairdressers giving their thoughts on the topic. Do you agree with them or do you differ? We’d love to read your reactions and thoughts.

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