What is E-Meche?

E-Meche Makes Hair Colouring Easier.

Over the years, different hair colouring and highlighting techniques have evolved, with each bringing certain advantages and disadvantages with them. Different hair stylists choose their preferred highlighting methods. However, after 25 years, many of the world’s leading hair stylists agree that the E-Meche colouring technique is the most efficient method of hair highlighting to create a look that is both stylish and natural.

E-Meche can be Used by Professionals and Independent Stylists.

E-Meche is simple to use, as it offers exceptional control over the colouring process that foils do not provide. E-Meche strips are attached to the hair as is required for the highlighting process, and different shades of the necessary colours can then be applied.

E-Meche strips are transparent, and can be attached to the hair via water-soluble adhesive strips that are comfortable for the client, and are easy to attach. E-Meche highlights look professional because the strips make it possible to see the effects that the colourings and peroxides have on the hair in real time.

E-Meche colouring and highlighting strips are also extremely easy to take off, as the adhesive on the strips are water soluble. This means that once the colouring process is finished, the strips can be washed off with very little discomfort to the client.

The learning cover with easy meche products is simple, and many salons have told us that they have been amazed at how quickly they can get new stylists colouring hair.

Why E-Meche Highlights Outperform Alternatives.

All of the various hair styling techniques offer different methods of applying highlights and colouring to strands of hair. Consequently, the results are different enough that on closer inspection, it’s possible to identify the technique used. However, with the E-Meche colouring technique, the results look so natural that it’s almost impossible for people to know that the hair has been coloured.

This is due to the flexibility the strips give the stylist while they apply the colour, thus allowing them to properly assess the results, and to apply shades of colour that go naturally with the original hair colour. Using the transparent E-Meche colouring strips, the stylist is able to apply necessary corrections as they observe changes that occur to the strands of hair.

Using E-Meche Colouring Strips Is Stress Free.

E-Meche functions exceptionally as an aluminum foil alternative because it provides a level of control that traditional hair colouring techniques are unable to offer. To properly understand how to use E-Meche strips, there are videos online that explain the proper usage of the strips and the different methods of application. As a stylist considering the use of E-Meche strips, these videos are key to understanding how effective the E-Meche strips are to the colouring and highlighting process.

As a stylist, you can get E-Meche strips at a highly affordable price. Buy E-Meche strips today, and begin your journey towards a more professional hair colouring process.

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