E-Meche Full Head Colour Application

E-Meche Full Head Colour Application

Applying a full head E-Meche colour to your hair will give it a shiny and vivacious glow in your choice of colour and tone. You may also decide to have chunks of highlights and lowlights at the base to complement the fabulous look being created.

The fast, easy and precise colour application technique of the E-Meche pack can be applied to a full head, a three quarter head, a T-junction parting or another section of the head, depending on client personal preference or your advice.

If you’re using the E-Meche technique on a client for the first time, it is advisable to do a full head colour application. For subsequent visits to the hairdresser, you may then opt to apply sectional colour to top up the initial full head colour application.

Applying E-Meche Full Head Colour to the Hair

  • Choose the E-Meche colour pack that accentuates your best features. To get the best natural complement to your skin, select a colour tone that is one or two hues darker and/or lighter than your natural colour. Use three to four shades for a more dramatic effect.
  • Work the colour from the back and apply your preferred base colour. You may want to weave out secondary highlights, by isolating and weaving out sections of your hair at the base. Then, pin it with highlighting or low-lighting E-Meche colour foils to perfectly complement the full head colour at the top.
  • Make sure the water-soluble adhesive strip holds the hair in place. This makes it precision-perfect and avoids colour bleeding.
  • Apply the full head colour E-Meche packs on the rest of your hair. The transparent packets help you to see and monitor the colour processing as it slowly transforms to your preferred full head colour with the right shade of highlight or lowlights- evenly spreading at the base and the top of your hair.
  • With your hair achieving the glamorously natural look, wash off the flexible glue tapes at the backwash unit. The E-Meche see-through foils will come off easily and conveniently, with no discomfort or irritation to your scalp.
  • Let your hair dry naturally. When you’ve washed your hair after using the E-Meche packets held by the water-soluble adhesive strips, leave your hair to dry according to the recommendation on the pack. Apply the right amount of conditioner for a shinier and softer feel.

Fabulous Full Head Creative Options with E-Meche Full Head Application

With the E-Meche full head colour application, you can throw in creative techniques to give a unique and beautiful look.

  • The blonde look: To emphasize the full head with the right lowlighting or highlighting tone, a gold or copper colour works best for a blonde look.
  • The brunette look: The caramel or chocolate easi emeche hair pack tones enhance the natural colours best.
  • Bronde: Add a layer of highlight at the base to a full head dark blonde or light brown colour.
  • Balayage: The hair colour gives an effect of graduated natural-looking colour tones.
  • Ombré: Darker tones at the base and lighter at the tip. It’s subtle, beachy brunette and low maintenance. 
  • Marbleizing: Side by side placement of complementary or contrasting tones in a way that it effortlessly and beautifully melts together.

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