A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Full Head Colour with E-Meche

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Full Head Colour with E-Meche

Some hairdressers still use foil for highlights application on their clients. Foils are known to present certain challenges for modern hair stylists. In fact providing a full hair colour as natural looking and as effective as achieved with E-Meche highlighting strips is very difficult using foil strips.

Issues associated with foil highlight application include:

  • Highlights and tone colouration do not cover the hair roots.
  • Inconvenient crunchy noise from aluminium wrapping.
  • Stains when there are reactions with non-compatible direct dyes or peroxides.
  • Aluminium foil strips are heavy for clients, creating a less than great experience.

E-Meche is a modern alternative to foil-based hair colouring. It is a faster and more convenient way to give your clients the right looks with their preferred hair colour. The water-soluble adhesive meche strips pose little or no inconvenience to clients, and create a much more comfortable treatment.

Getting a Full-Head Hair Colouring with E-Meche

Unlike most foil highlights, E-Meche treats hair right from the roots, giving it a more natural appearance and leading to higher levels of satisfaction for clients.

The meche hair highlighting process is simple and easy to learn.

Below is a simplified step-by-step guide to getting a full head colour with E-Meche.

Step 1:

Brush the client’s hair down and add a classic full set of highlights using bleach, then wait for the hair to dry.

Step 2:

To start, section the client’s hair into half.

Step 3:

Follow up by sectioning it further into quarters.

Step 4:

Take 1cm sections of the hair and weave into preferred thickness.

Step 5:

Lift the woven section and place the e-meche pack in-between.

Step 6:

Rub in the highlight tint 3mm away from the root.

Step 7:

Keep applying the tint until you have covered a full head.

Step 8:

Ensure that you apply the bleach ¾ mm away from the top of the e-meche pack to give room for expansion of pro bleach.

Step 9:

To remove the e-meche pack, run water over it and allow the adhesive to dissolve. The pack will slide away.

Step 10:

Dry the hair with a soft cloth.

Step 11:

Style as desired.

Step 12:

The finished hair is a toned masterpiece.

YouTube Video Guide

You can refer to our YouTube video guide for a more elaborate demonstration on how to apply the e-meche highlight strips for excellent results.

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