Emeche: Suppliers of the Best Hair Meche Products in the UK

As original inventors of the hair meche technology over 25 years ago, we are proud to say that we produce and supply the best hair meche products available in the UK market.

For a long time, aluminium foils have been a common feature of the hair colouring application process. However, hair meche provides a modern alternative that is faster, and more convenient for hairdressers and stylists all over the country.

The rapid application of hair meche saves you time and the hair can be checked during the colouring process via a transparent plastic sheet.


We are Suppliers of Authentic Hair Meche at Competitive Prices

If you run a hairdressing salon or manage one, we provide the best professional stock at great prices. We supply directly to your store anywhere in the UK. Our competitive prices enable professionals like you to set more favourable rates for your clients. In addition to excellent results, your clients will be delighted at the convenience in service and cost.

Under the E-Meche brand name, we supply high quality meche colouring packets to hair and beauty salons. You can place an order for products from our website. Depending on the quantity you purchase, you can get discounts. The postage price is included for 12 packs and above.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get a great deal for quality products from the original hair meche manufacturers.

The Hair Meche Colouring Process

As original suppliers of E-Meche colour highlights, we organise training courses to teach hairdressers how to apply meche strips for best results. Before using the meche, it is best to understand how it works.

The E-Meche is a non-latex plastic packet with a water-soluble adhesive stick designed to keep the hair in place. Unlike foil highlighting where you have to open them occasionally, the plastic is transparent and enables hairdressers to monitor the colouring process as they work. You can get full head colouring or select highlights. All meche products give a natural look as they cover deep into the hair roots.

When you complete the colouring process, you can take out the plastic strip by pouring water on the soluble adhesive strips. They slide off easily and the client is left with vibrant coloured hair. You can style it in any way to enhance maximum appeal.


Benefits of E-Meche

  • E-Meche eliminates the inconvenience of weighty and noisy foil wraps.
  • There are no colour bleed issues or slippage associated with E-Meche.
  • The rapid application process of hair meche makes it 20% times faster than foil colouring, therefore saving you time.
  • E-Meche allows more room for colour styling creativity.
  • E-Meche is water-soluble and eliminates the inconveniences caused by messy foils.

Why Choose Emeche as Your Hair Meche Suppliers?

  • You are guaranteed original products at all times.
  • As manufacturers/suppliers, we give great discounts on bulk purchases.
  • Our retailers/salons benefit from campaigns that drive clients to their stores.
  • We train hairdressers and stylists regularly on the best use of hair meche.

Feel free to visit our YouTube video tutorials to get a better understanding of the hair meche colour application process.

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