Meche Colouring Sheets for Salons

Finally, there is a hair colouring solution that promises your salon all the gains and none of the pain. Using caps to colour hair is not effective. Using foils can also be tedious, and, if you don’t fold correctly, you’ll be worried about colour bleed. So why bother using these methods?

You can now get Emeche UK’s highlighting meche strips at an affordable price for your salon. When you apply the highlights using E-Meche, you’ll be able to work faster, avoid colour bleed and enjoy many other benefits. Place an order for highlighting meche strips for your salon and enter a new age of hair colouring.


How Easy is Applying E-Meche in Your Salon?

  1. The first step is to section the hair just as you would when working with other colouring techniques.
  2. Open the hair meche strips and place the opaque side behind the hair, ensuring that it is as close to the root as possible.
  3. Allow the adhesive part to stick to the hair and this will enable the highlighting meche to stay in place.
  4. Apply the colour as you normally would to the portion of hair that is on the adhesive part.
  5. Close the transparent portion of the hair meche strip on top of the hair and seal the adhesive part. The sides don’t need to be folded in when using highlighting meche strips.
  6. Leave the strips in place until the desired colour is achieved. You can check the development through the transparent side of the meche colouring sheets.
  7. Once the desired colour is achieved, rinse the hair with warm water and the water-soluble adhesive will wash off, allowing the hair meche strips to be easily removed.


Benefits of Using E-Meche Colouring in Your Salon

Using E-Meche highlights as the colouring solution in your salon can greatly boost your business. The benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Great Results: Meche highlight strips don’t allow colour to bleed. You can also check the progress of the development through the transparent top part of the hair meche strip. This will ensure that you get great results.
  • Easy to use: Hair meche strips are easy to apply and remove. This makes the colouring process easier for your hair stylists, and also makes your clients more comfortable.
  • Fast results: The ease of using meche strips for hair allows the hair stylists to work faster. Your most impatient clients are bound to be satisfied.
  • Boost your business: Working faster enables you to serve more clients, and once other people see the excellent results from your salon, you can expect to have a growing list of clients.

Your salon business and your clients can now benefit from an alternative that promises fast and excellent results. Meche colouring sheets from Emeche UK are an affordable solution to hair colouring that you can now take advantage of. Place your order right now by calling Phonexxx.