E-Meche for Best Results in Hair Colouring

Looking for an easy alternative system for hair colouring? For years, professional hairdressers have sought an effective substitute for noisy, cumbersome aluminium hair foils. Emeche provides the answers you need to make the application of hair colours fast and simple.

Meche hair strips provide simple toning solutions for all hair types. You can apply highlights and tone to your desired shade with no hassle. The results are guaranteed to impress you and your customers.

We are the original inventors of Emeche, and have been manufacturing it for over 25 years. Emeche is in the UK and we can deliver orders straight to your doorstep wherever your business is located.


What is Emeche in Hair Dressing?

Emeche is an innovative professional hair colouring application for hairdressers and stylists to give their clients the perfect highlights for their hair.

They are fast, easy to apply and transparent; making it easier for hairdressers to monitor colour changes as they develop. Unlike foils that are non-transparent, meche hair strips give you control while you work by visually monitoring progress without taking out the strips.

With our modern E-Meche hair strips, you no longer have to scrunch up pieces of aluminium foil to over-process hair for your colour applications.

Features of E-Meche Hair Colouring

The plastic packets are non-latex and made from small water-soluble sticky strips that hold the meche and hair in place. It is the stylist’s ideal choice for colouring and tinting. You can use E-Meche for all innovative highlighting and colouring procedures.

After application and colouring, the emeche can be removed by rinsing with water. The water-soluble adhesive allows the packets to come off easily, making the whole process simple. Besides the excellent results, hair meche strips are comfortable and guaranteed to make your clients satisfied.


Benefits of Using Hair Meche Strips

  • The E-Meche hair colouring stays in place, therefore significantly reducing slippage.
  • They are lighter and more convenient to use for both the stylist and the client.
  • Aluminium foils accelerate ammonia during processing, but E-Meche hair strips dissipate it quickly, giving you more control.
  • E-Meche hair strips are quiet, unlike the so loud crunchy aluminium foils.
  • E-Meche allows you watch the progress of colour change without taking off the hair strips.
  • It doesn’t stain, so you can use them directly with dyes without worrying about possible reactions.
  • The transparent E-Meche strips lets you get creative, and picture your patterns and placements while applying direct dyes.

Why Choose E-Meche Hair Products?

For over two decades, we have pioneered research in hair colouring techniques to give stylists and their clients a modern technique to achieve best results in hair beauty. We are the original inventors of meche, and guarantee authentic products anywhere in the UK.

Our prices are also affordable for our range of product packets.

If you need some training on how to apply hair colouring effectively with E-Meche, visit our online tutorial channels for a step-by-step guide.

We also ship directly throughout the UK. Contact us today for E-Meche hair highlights online.

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