Get E-Meche Hair Strips at the Best Hair Salon Prices

Do you still use hair foils for colouring and highlight application? Or are you paying too much for meche hair strips?

At Emeche UK, we are the original pioneers of the meche highlights strip technology. We offer our clients authentic products, with some of the most competitive rates in the market.

Emeche has been producing quality hair meche colouring strips for 25 years, providing hairdressers and stylists with products to stock their salons at the best prices. We also deliver anywhere in the UK, and have overseas operations too.

Apply highlights and tone with your choice of colours, and make your clients happy with hair colouring results that are guaranteed to impress.


E-Meche: Stock Your Salon at Affordable Prices

E-Meche is a novel technology created to improve the hair colouring and highlighting process by substituting traditional foils with transparent plastic strips.

Meche strips are quick and convenient. You save time by using hair meche for your clients’ hair colouring needs. At Emeche, we use quality materials to manufacture our range of meche hair strips, and we make salon prices affordable for hairdressers.

E-Meche- How Does It Work?

Meche strips are made from non-latex plastic packets with a water-soluble adhesive end. This enables them to hold the hair in position while you apply highlights or hair colouring. You can work the hair strands through the meche and colour the highlights as deep as you want.

Unlike foils, you won’t have some roots without colouring. The E-Meche strips allow you to access the whole hair from front to back.

Upon application, stylists can monitor hair strands through the transparent plastics. They can also work creatively with different style highlights, giving the client a look they admire.

When the desired colour is achieved, you can remove the meche colouring strips by simply rinsing through water. The water-soluble end comes off the hair without disturbing the client.


Set Competitive Salon Prices with E-Meche

Emeche UK produces meche hair strips with hairdressers and stylists in mind. We understand client convenience is a priority for your hair salon. With our meche hair colouring strips, there is no delay or discomfort. By paying lower for our authentic products, you can afford to fix your hair salon prices and style costs more competitively.

Benefits of the E-Meche Highlighting Strips

  • There is no bleeding or slippage because our meche strips firmly hold hair in place.
  • Meche strips are not heavy or noisy. They are the most convenient to apply for hair colouring application.
  • Working with E-Meche hair strips makes you 20% faster than working with regular foils.
  • Our hair meche is water-soluble and easily dissolves when washed with water.
  • With transparent plastic meche strips, you don’t need to open the strips regularly as you would do with foils.

Why Buy E-Meche Strips?

Emeche is the original inventor of the technology, and our meche prices are affordable for hair salons and other professional-use purchase. We also deliver all over the UK.

Visit our website to learn more about how to use meche hair colouring strips.

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