Choose the Easy, Smart Alternative to Normal Foil – E-meche Foil

Customers are sometimes hesitant when it comes to changing from one hair shade to another. They know that a mistake in the process will leave them half the person they were before they got a hair colouring deal from their stylist. For this reason, hundreds of professional hair stylists and salons in the UK, Europe and USA prefer E-Meche (e-meche) foil, because it doesn’t disappoint like aluminium foil.

Salons that use E-Meche foil packets love it because their employees learn the process of hair colouring easily, which saves the salon time and money. We also get feedback from students taking hairdressing courses about how they work confidently when using E-Meche foil for hair colouring. Moreover, long established salons voted E-Meche sheets as the versatile alternative to normal foil for whizzing through highlights, whether on full head or half head.


What’s E-meche Foil?

E-Meche foil is a brand of meche that is a better alternative to aluminium foil. The E-Meche plastic packets are made from non-latex material that allows hairdressers to see-through during the hair colouring process. E-meche packets come readymade, so hairdressers seldom worry about cutting up to the correct lengths. Therefore, they are more productive since they already have all sizes of hair colouring meche stocked on their shelves.

E-Meche packets come in two main sizes: e-meche long and e-meche short. You can further narrow your choice to the number of boxes you want for long or short. For example, you can order e-meche packets long containing 36 boxes per pack or e-meche packets short with 48 boxes inside each pack.  Whether long or short, e-meche products are trusted by modern stylists and salons because they offer excellent quality, absolute stickiness, and 100% control through the hair colouring process.

Visit our e-meche channel for great education on how to use meche foils for hair highlights.

Why Choose E-Meche Foil?

E-meche foil is the profession’s solution. It’s quick to apply and comes in different sizes, so it’s popular among hairdressers and salons wanting to cut the inconvenience of conventional foil and save time and money. We are the original inventors of meche, and have been using e-meche sheets for over 25 years to provide efficient solutions to hair colouring.

There are several advantages the e-meche foil has over aluminium foil. They are:

  • E-meche foil is up to 20% faster than aluminium foil.
  • You can see through the thin film while colour is developing.
  • E-meche sheets prevent heat loss during colouring, so they are safe for clients with scalp problems.
  • Each E-Meche packet is made of water-soluble strips so that the packets come right out at the backwash.
  • It’s easy to use and saves hairdressers time and money.


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