Comparing Hair Colouring: Emeche vs Foils

If you have been using foils for your hair colouring needs, then you are quite familiar with the challenges involved. When you use foil, you have to worry about folding the foils properly and colour bleeding. Checking the progress of the colouring process is also difficult.

Emeche UK has introduced E-Meche packets as a solution to these challenges. E-Meche products are designed with ease and speed in mind, to ensure that you get the results you want faster than before. To place an order now, give us a call on Phonexxx.


Emeche vs Foils: The Problem with Foils

Although the use of foils has been around for a long time, there are several challenges to using them:

  • Slow: Compared to E-Meche packets, you have to fold part of the foil before you can use it. The folding process requires attention and this may take time.
  • Colour Bleeding: Foils don’t offer a bleed proof adhesive seal like hair meche strips. If the colour is applied wrongly or if the folding isn’t done properly, the colour can easily bleed onto the scalp.
  • Cutting the right size: You have to cut your foil into the right size before using it. This can be tedious and time consuming.
  • Progress: To check the progress of the colouring process, you have to open the foil. This releases the heat from the inside of the foil, and can interfere with the colouring process.


Emeche vs Foils: Why Hair Meche Strips Are Ahead

Hair meche highlights have made the process of colouring hair more straightforward. With meche highlights, the process simply involves attaching the meche colouring sheets, applying the colour, and waiting to see the results. When compared to foils, the differences you’ll notice include:

  • Works Fast: Working with meche hair colour kits allows you to work at a faster pace. You don’t have to worry about folding or cutting the sheets to the right size. Working fast will allow you to serve more customers.
  • No Bleeding: Bleeding can turn the whole colouring process into a disaster. You don’t have to worry about this when using meche hair products. The tight seal formed between the lower and upper part ensures that there is no bleeding. This also allows you to get closer to the scalp.
  • Progress: Have you ever wished you could easily see how well the colouring process progresses? This is one of the main advantages of meche highlights hair products. The clear front side allows you to easily see how the colouring progresses in every section.

When comparing E-Meche to foils, making a choice is simple. Using E-Meche allows you to achieve faster results with less effort. This will improve productivity and efficiency in your salon operations. Get in touch with us on Phonexxx to place your order today.