Pro Application of E-meche for Excellent Hair Colouring

Using E-Meche (e-meche for short) packets in your salon offers peace of mind that nothing will go wrong during hair colouring processes. As a result, your clients know you as the savoir-faire hairdresser, and your salon becomes more attractive to prospective clients. Hundreds of long established meche salons across the UK and Europe prefer e-meche for their business. Increasingly, start-up hairdressers and salons find e-meche ideal for quickly creating a fashion footprint in the industry.


What is E-meche?

E-Meche is the smart alternative to hair colouring with aluminium foils. Hairdressers and salons had switched to E-Meche hair packets after discovering its advantages over foil. E-Meche sheets and strips significantly prevent colour bleeding, are water soluble, and are easy to use by all, including starters in salons. For more than 25 years, we’ve been using meche packets for all hair types including curly hair meche, E-Meche full head, and half head meche. E-Meche can also be applied with all shades of brand colours.

With e-meche packets on your shelves, you can turn a disappointed set of customers to a new breed of happy customers.

How to Use Emeche Packets

Applying E-Meche sheets to change hair colour is as easy as the name goes. When you order your e-meche products from our online stores, a full meche hair kit is delivered to you at the designated location. The following steps can be followed for successful hair colouring using e-meche:

  • Section hair into halves.
  • Roll up hair strands into quarters with clips that come in the meche kit.
  • Weave 1cm tuft of hair from the quarters and place on e-meche pack.
  • With the brand colour the customer had selected, apply evenly from root to tip.
  • To do the meche high lift highlights, apply the colour 3mm away from the root.
  • Continue applying the brand shade until you get a full head or half head meche.
  • If the customer requests bleach, set between 3 – 4mm away from the top of the e-meche pack to ensure pro bleach result.
  • Within a short time, e-meche colouring is set and you should proceed to the backwash.
  • Wash each hair section of E-Meche pack with water and it will glide out.
  • Finally, carry on with normal hair drying and setting for desired style.

This is incredibly easy and it’s 20% faster than foil. Moreover, during application you should see right through the E-Meche non-latex sheets, which gives you control over how colouring is developing.

Click E-Meche highlights video to see a demo of what we’ve just explained to you.


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E-Meche hair colouring packet is made by the original inventors of meche. For more than 25 years, we have provided a versatile alternative to hair colouring, thus helping hundreds of hairdressers and salons to work with confidence. We’ve opened our online stores for our UK, EU, and USA clients to ensure that they are able to order any e-meche product without fuss. Our aim is to make the whole process of using e-meche easy and efficient for you.